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_ The cosmetics industry/market has experienced a steady increase in sales revenue for years in the traditional and the nature-inspired sectors. Especially the certified natural cosmetics and the nature-related products have achieved double digit growth rates. The market segments of natural hair and body care products in particular, as well as decorative cosmetics have outgrown their niche existence in health product shops and are in rising demand, even more so in the mainstream sectors of conventional drugstores and supermarkets, perfumeries and big department stores.

_ For nearly twenty years, I have developed my expertise by observing, overseeing and working in this exciting market.

_ While serving as head of marketing for LOGOCOS AG, I was involved in the  conceptional development the two leading german drugstore chain brands, that are currently among the approximately twenty organic cosmetic brands that dominate not only the german but also the international markets for bio cosmetics. As part of my duties at LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG, some of the other brands have also been under my supervision during their conception, development and successful market implementation stages. Needless to say that I possess detailed knowledge/expertise about all other major players in the market. Nature inspired cosmetic companies currently hold a 10% share of the overall cosmetic market and therefore represent  a high (growth) potential by participating in the projected increase of revenues in the natural cosmetics segment. Since there is a sustainable strong demand in Germany, international cosmetic suppliers from Europe and beyond seek a market entry in the booming german market of plant based cosmetics.